...the center works to help bring healing to the children who are physically or sexually abused...I support the services the Cherish Center provides and have been able to see in the courtroom the need for and benefit of such services.
— D. Lee Buckingham II- Prosecuting Attorney, 24th Judicial Circuit
Cherish provides a professional evnironment and expert staff for those victims of abuse to disclose the details of their horrible experiences...Without a child advocacy center, our local law enforcement agenices would struggle with the tall task of interviewing children in imposing settings...Cherish provides us with that service: a legally defensible interview for each of the multi-disciplinary team members to use...The training regimen Cherish’s forensic interviewers undertake is impressive...As Cherish’s success grows, so too does the success of our criminal justice system.
— Andre Miksha - Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
Our detectives rely on Cherish to provide many services for our victims and the detectives through the life of a case.
— Kevin R. Jowitt - Chief of Police- Noblesville, IN
I have always been impressed with the services provided by the Cherish Center and have been able to see in the courtroom the need for such services.
— Steven R. Nation - Retired Judge, Hamilton Superior Court No. 1
We are committed to partnering with Cherish to expand our efforts and knowlede base with regard to investigating crimes against children within the MDT.
— Edward Gebhart - Police Chief - Fishers, IN
The duties of the task force have facilitated my knowlege of The Cherish Center and the important work that it does...A child advocacy center serves as the bridge that helps ensure proper care is taken for the victim and while enhancing the effective prosecution of the abuser. The process takes specially trained, competent and dedicated professionals. Over many years The Cherish Center has been a trusted partner of the HCMCETF and a significant part of the success in these cases...They are an extremely valuable part of getting the victim on a road to recovery and keeping victimizers accountable.
— Cameron Ellison - Director Hamilton County Metro Child Exploitation Taskforce
Our partnership with The Cherish Center provides the most effective and efficient way to protect our children.
— James C. Barlow - Chief of Police - Carmel Police Department
The Cherish staff is professional, pleasant, engaging and open to all our students. The CHERISH team
brought a fresh, meaningful and unique experience for our students. The students loved the RESPECT group time and felt comfortable with the CHERISH staff. All of the students learned extremely valuable life lessons. The Cherish Staff are dedicated professionals who we are most fortunate to have a partnership with. They have enabled our team to see a new perspective and assist our students in areas that will directly impact their safety and well-being... It is a vital program and enables our students to make positive choices in their lives.
— Mrs. Barbara Smith -HBM Transition Coordinator -HBM Special Services Cooperative