Referral & Therapy Services

Therapy services provided in part by CICF

Therapy services provided in part by CICF

Cherish is a Child Advocacy Center and does not charge for its services. We provide education, emotional support, and refer for services for more specialized support such as counseling, trauma therapy, or medical services. Cherish understands the importance of making sure everyone has access to counseling services, regardless of their ability to pay. We have several partner therapists in Hamilton and Marion Counties, including counseling services offered at our Cherish location. We are happy to help connect you with providers and resources to meet your need. Families who have been through Cherish for an interview may be eligible for financial support for counseling services.

Financial assistance is not guaranteed. If financial assistance is provided, understand that your insurance will be billed first, as applicable. Financial assistance may cover session costs, co pays, or costs not covered by your insurance. Referral services operate independently and may offer billable insurance services, out-of-network provider services, or uninsured services. Appointments cancelled without proper notice and no shows are not appropriate. This does not apply to emergencies or serious illness. Cherish will not cover any fees due to not following proper cancellation procedures or no shows. If you or non-offending family members are interested in counseling or therapy services, simply complete and submit the form below and someone from Cherish will follow up with you.

If you have any questions or need more information, you may email or call 317-773-3275.