Child Advocacy, Abuse Intervention & Prevention Services


Strengthening our community's ability to nurture and protect children.


What NCA Accreditation Means

Countless hours of work from our Board of Directors, Staff, Founding Members, Advisory Board, MDT Board and Honorary Members is what made this possible!

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Watch the Cherish staff discuss how we are at work in our community.

Video: What is Cherish?

Cherish was created so that kids could have a safe place to talk and share their story. The staff provide an environment that is welcoming, relaxed, and comfortable. 

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Resources for you

Keeping children safe means everyone has an obligation to inform the proper authorities if you suspect any kind of abuse or neglect. Your concern may protect a child from further danger.  Say something… you could literally save a life!



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Cherish; started in 2009 has served over 2,100 kids who have been sexually abused, physically abused, and neglected. Cherish provides a safe environment for the child and his/her family to come and get the help they need.